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Sirens Society Charity Event Speaking Engagement
February’s Guest Speaker, a message of hope

Contact person: Christine Hassler
We had great guest speaker at our February quarterly meeting:
Michele Meiche Ct. H.A, Ph.D. is aTransformation Coach, Intuitive Guide, NBHA Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapistand a member of the Transpersonal Psychologist Association.
Michele talked to us about what 2009 is going to bring and how we can adapt
and take full advantage of all the changes that are happening around us. She addressed questions like:
"How do we react to the fear that is present right now?"
"What can I do if I am being personally impacted by the economy?"
Michele gave us great insight on how we can be pioneers during this rich time of transition. It was a great interactive discussion with a balance of theory and practical application that left us all feeling very inspired!

Read more about Michele and her work here:

The Process of Grief & Bereavement Counseling

Consider This [Lisa BakkerPowerNetworker] [20-Feb-09 4:18pm]
Andrew,The one thing that strikes me in all this is the urge and speed with which the professionals seem to be pushing pills on one hand and on the other hand the total neglect of the emotional and spiritual state and phase your father seems to be in.

The first thing to take into account is that it's hardly a year since your mum passed. I bet your parents have been married for many years. Grieving and bereavement can takes years in such cases. There is nothing abnormal with that.

The abnormal thing in most cases is that most people do not know how to handle the emotions.
Time and TLC make a far better medication than the chemicals. Do research more on the process of bereavement to gain insight. Michelle Meiche is a very tender, sensitive and lovely expert on the subject of bereavement and who - without any doubt - can facilitate and answer any questions you might have Also I want to mention the power of accunpuncture. It is a non-invase method that can gretaly help in reducing stress, overwhelm and anxiety. Since your father now resides in a region where accupuncture is so much more accepted as a complimentary way in healing, I'd also recommend researching that area.

As I have a great accunpuncturist here in Holland, I know of no one in the Asian region, but I bet here within the club there must be connections to an accunpuncturist of great expertise, who at least can answer the questions you have. Kiat Lian GOh is an ecademist/accupuncturist in Singapore who might be able to refer you I agree on the approach and argumentation of your brother on the Lewy body disease. Researchers have discovered that common prescription drugs (antidepressants, allergy drugs and more) cause side effects that mimic the onset of dementia.The reported side effects of these drugs -- called anticholinergics -- include confusion, memory loss and disorientation. These symptoms get diagnosed (surprise!) as early dementia, which almost always gets treated with -- guess what? -- pro-cholinergic medications. In other words, the same patient ends up on two drugs with precisely the opposite biological actions. Source:NaturalNews

Meditation Techniques by Michele Meiche – Vegetarian Times article

Clarification.(Brief Article)
January 1, 2003... The "Five-Minute Meditations" provided on p. 41 of our October 2002 issue were created by Michele Meiche, certified hypnotic anesthesiologist and PhD in metaphysical theology.