Michele’s gift is in going beyond the conventional form of seminar lecturing and explanations. Her seminars are interactive with a balance of theory and practical application. Her speaking is dynamic, thought provoking and inclusive of the listener. She uses interactive tools to raise the level of group participation. If you want to commit your level of experience to beyond the intellectual she is adept at this. When asked about her group work and speaking engagements Michele replies: "I am simply sharing my knowledge and life experience. Speaking is one of the mediums I use. I consider myself an educator and healer. One of my gifts and part of my life purpose is to relay useful information, tools and techniques for wellness , healing, transformation andinspiration. I am simply sharing what I love and what I have personally and professionally found to be beneficial for life enhancement and authentic living." In many ways it is difficult to encapsulate what I do. One really needs to experience it. "

All speaking engagements, as well as seminars have a foundational base and then are tailored to the needs and interest of the group. Michele’s belief is to keep the sharing experience as organic as possible, so the experience is fresh and includes the interests of her audience.

"I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge and I honor all that I am reaching. It is for this reason that I don’t want to deliver a stagnate talk that has been done over and over before. There has to always be a new element; and there will be as each group adds a new facet. to the topic I am sharing."

Topics: Michele will also facilitate and speak in any area within her realm of expertise. If by reading her information you see a topic you would like delivered she is amenable to speak on or facilitate requested material.

If you would like Michele Meiché to speak at an engagement
please call: 310-822-0048

Previously Delivered Seminar and Key Note Speaker Topics

Personal Growth, Spirituality, Excellence, Wellness, Intuition Development ,
Life Purpose-Work Fulfillment.

Coping Positively With Uncertain Times And Stress

How to live in the power zone.

Finding & Living Your Life’s Purpose

Authentic Living and Life Enhancement

Using Your Intuition for Work, Career ,Health, and Relationship Decisions

Inner guidance & intuition for business, health issues ,relationship & life choices.

Creating and Living a Healthy Balanced Lifestyle

Inner & Outer Wealth The Keys To Personal & Financial Success

How you face the world determines your personal and financial success

Living Life beyond struggle- Integration and living beyond your inner struggles.

Hypnosis For Childbirth

Self Hypnosis For Health and Wellness

Meditation For Everyday Living

The Basics Of Meditation

Advanced Spiritual Practices And Meditation

Your Breath Is The Key To Relaxation

Creating A New Blueprint and

Making Peace And Eliminating Sabotaging Beliefs

Attracting All You Need & Want In Your Life

Transforming Fear Into Creativity

Stress Management For The Workplace

Women In Transition


Wisdom Teachings

Wakeful Dreaming

Dream Therapy As A Tool For Transformation

Tools for Transformation And Self Mastery

Life Scripts –Rewriting Your Life

Embracing The Little Kid & Inner Child

Passion Play- A new approach to therapeutic and emotional release work.

5 Step Emotional Clearing Process ™

Life management and life enhancement.

Channeled Guidance and Healing-

Connecting to Your higher awareness and higher self.

Spiritual Integration

Modern Women Modern Ritual –

Finding fulfillment in everyday living. Rituals for peace, calm and noting rites of passage.

Principles And Practices Of Metaphysics, Subtle Energy, & Bio-Energy Alignment™

Understanding Universal Laws And Activating The Law Of Magnetic Attraction


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