There is a point where we move from Self- realization to Self- Actualization. It is one thing to realize your true nature and another thing entirely to live from this knowingness in all you do and make this made manifest.

Faculty: Michele Meiché, Spiritual Life Coach, Ct. H.A. Ph.D

Course Description: A new life is being created for you whether you consciously willed it or not. You can go along for the ride bumpy and uncertain or, catch the wave and the tail of the kite and soar.... How you travel is up
to you.

I am here to lend a hand, to share what i know and what is was given: We will be addressing the fear, anger, irritation, confusion around that is occurring on a more wide spread level at this time and how to navigate through this emotional terrain.

How not to get stuck and how to know you are "moving" forward even if it doesn't look like it per the surface mind.
What tools to use for more peace, patience, understanding and growth at these times.
How there can be abundant & prosperous living in these times.

Accessing the higher vibrational frequencies, anchoring these in and stabilizing these to move out of "stuck states "of consciousness & "conditioned response " patterns.

How to navigate through these changes and why they are personally and collectively happening.

About Michele Meiche':
Michele Meiche' , Ct. H.A.., Ph.D is an NBHA Certified Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach. Her life enhancement coaching focuses on self development and spiritual integration, meditation and breath work, and transcendental healing & transpersonal psychology. Esoterically trained, Michele blends the spiritual & metaphysical with the psychological. She has been in the transpersonal and holistic health field for over 20 years and has been in private practice in Los Angeles for 11 years. Michele has hosted talk shows both here in the United States and Europe, served as an image/transformation consultant, and life coach on various television pilots. For more information, please visit her web site: