BREAKTHRU : The Pathway to Creativity and the Higher Mind
taught at Agape Spiritual Center at the University of Transformational Studies and Leadership

This process-oriented class is designed for artist, actors, writers, and people of ALL walks of life who seek to activate their infinite creative potential and live authentically in full, radiant self-expression. Sometimes we "sabotage" ourselves because our conscious desire does not have the imprint for that which we desire to create. Michele will assist students in uncovering areas that are "stuck" or blocked. Her emotional clearing work will be used to align the personality (ego) with the Soul/Higher Self. Through the process of re-patterning, students will then learn to activate the Universal Law of Conscious Creation,The Law of Resonance, and Magnetic Attraction. The core processing and inner work is blended with the transpersonal processing to access the higher mind in order to get to the root, move forward, and breakthrough!

Suggested Material: 5-Step Emotional Clearing Process, Transforming Fear into Creativity, Understanding and Using the Universal Laws & Activating the Law of Magnetic Attraction Audio CD's by Michele Meiche' available at the Agape Quiet Mind Bookstore

About Michele Meiche':
Michele Meiche' , Ct. H.A.., Ph.D is an NBHA Certified Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach. Her life enhancement coaching focuses on self development and spiritual integration, meditation and breath work, and transcendental healing & transpersonal psychology. Esoterically trained, Michele blends the spiritual & metaphysical with the psychological. She has been in the transpersonal and holistic health field for over 20 years and has been in private practice in Los Angeles for 11 years. Michele has hosted talk shows both here in the United States and Europe, served as an image/transformation consultant, and life coach on various television pilots. For more information, please visit her web site: