Transpersonal Therapy An extension of the psychological. Transpersonal psychology emerged as an area of focus in the last 25 yrs as an extension of psychological studies into consciousness, spiritual growth, body-mind therapies and personal transformation. The study and integration of the transpersonal acknowledges that spiritual levels and awareness are essential levels of development, and if nurtured and developed can transform an individuals life leading to a deeper self-understanding, fulfillment, and greater health of the body-mind. The transpersonal takes into account the whole person; all aspects of the self. There is a connecting with the whole person, and the whole of the person's life. A main thrust in the therapeutic process is to bridge the various parts of self and establish a healthy connection to these aspects inherent. Transpersonal therapy uses many modalities and blends and bridges many disciplines and schools of thought.  The thrust and direction will depend upon the therapist and his or her training, orientation, gifts and proclivity. Transpersonal therapy engages the 'personal' of an individual and bridges as well as  integrates the  levels and states of consciousness to create and instill the awareness and utilization of the transpersonal. There is a focus  on self development and attention directed towards the needs and the wants of the personal to foster growth, healing, awareness and empowerment. This self development  and growth naturally lends itself to the bridging to the transpersonal. When one is truly empowered one begins to seek and then see what is below the surface and perhaps not readily seen. The question "There must be something more " is answered for the individual in a framework that speaks to their life focus and beliefs. In this way transpersonal therapy weaves through the multitude of beliefs and seeks to affirm individuality and uniqueness; yet confirm the unity of all life. We all come from and are made from the same source.  In this deep understanding, belief and feeling of this awareness there is an immense level of healing, growth, inspiration, upliftment, sense of universal solidarity and peace that is experienced.

In connecting to the transpersonal the individual is connecting to their higher expanded self and expanded states of awareness. There is the recognition of a connection to the whole and something larger. This something is The All That Is, God consciousness. The transpersonal is not religious, but through religion one can have transpersonal experiences. The transpersonal can be felt in a myriad of religions, belief systems, rituals, esoteric philosophies, disciplines and activities.  However, to consistently be able to tap into this state at will or live in this state is quite another situation, and is possible.

The transpersonal is ego inclusive. This is very important. The inclusion of the ego means there is nothing to fix or get rid of in the psyche. The key is to align the ego functioning to the blueprint and reign of the higher self (soul self) The ego's needs and wants are taken into account and harnessed for the benefit of the whole psyche. The desires of the  human ego mind are allowed to be defined and refined for the growth, health and total wellness  of the person. There are processes that facilitate this process.  In this way the ego is seen as a functioning part of a being; however not the total part of a being. I say being here, because an individual is looked upon as a spirit with a soul contained within the very fabric of being a soul purpose and an essential reason for being and living.  So the fact that one is born, alive here; that one exists or is "being" here on this planet, at this exact time and place is not an accident and has a purpose.  I also say being and living, because one is being just by being here. The next step is the living. The living is up to you, and how you live your life. Your unfoldment is in your hands and awareness. Your life and how you live it has a purpose whether you are conscious of this or not.  

The conscious awareness and unfolding of this blueprint leads to your reason for being  and is seen as being integral to the universe, world, society and universal/divine plan. In this way there are no mistakes, just the possibility of the realization of ones wholeness and perfection.  With this self realization then comes the self actualizing of this awareness of being into the world creating a sense of purpose and deeper sense of  peace and fulfillment in one' life.

Transpersonal Psychology is:

Self Actualization

Self Realization




Human Potential

Peak Performance

Soul Alignment

Spiritual Integration

Ego inclusive

Higher Self inclusive


A starting point for more and more creative possibilities

Meeting your destiny


The deeper self and understanding
Self love and acceptance

Love and acceptance of others

Perception & Projection

Guideline For Taking Back Projections

inner child / little kid dialogue