Your Soul knows only experience. Your soul has memory. Your soul is the sum total of your existence. It is your personality level/ego that interprets pain, limitation, patience, perseverance. The ego knows judgment, and attachment.The soul knows growth, evolution, creativity, aspiration, inspiration, love, unfoldment, and is timeless.

Your spirit is "The Spirit." The Life-force that animates all. The soul is individuated cumulative experience in creation. The soul is your personal signature, your life gift, memory of purpose, part of the Divine plan. Spirit animated and condensed into individual forms to create the soul. Spirit is the breath of all life. The soul experience/s condenses to create denser bodies of energy i.e.: mental, emotional, physical . This creates the vehicle for Source Expression and in turn evolves and transcends itself to facilitate soul development.

Soul Alignment is The Path of the Heart. Our life path is circular, like a spiral of expanding awareness and joy. The keys are self love, self acceptance, acceptance and love of others, acceptance of what is in our life. Acceptance does not necessarily mean agreement. Struggle is resistance to what is. Change, growth or an alteration can only come about through acceptance first, and then consciousness. We can not change without some form of awareness and then conscious creation. Walking our path in the beauty way with our heart open despite suffering allows us to connect with all that we are with love and acceptance. We then create that viewpoint in our lives and experience that with others and in all we do. It does not mean that times are always smooth and easy, but we realize that is life and do not take it personally, or as a negative assessment of ourselves. Our self worth is not determined by externals only--- remember soul alignment, soul’s emphasis this time.

Remember Who You Are. A Divine Spiritual Being expressing, creating, loving, and sharing as an individual spark of God , All That Is called you