Remembering You Are Spirit and Living Your Soul's Purpose

Manifesting Your Life's Destiny
and Living Your Soul's Purpose

Mystical Living for Modern Times
Integrating your Inner Shaman & Transcendent Parts of Self  and
Understanding the Language & Direction of  Your Soul

The Use of Tarot for Self Awareness
& Psychic Development
Self Discovery & intuition development through the tarot.

Tarot - Your Soul Expression & Mirror of Your Relationships
this segment of classes/group will focus on your soul connection and expression as well as relationships.---the focus is relating...
...RELATING and Being In Relationship...

Spiritual Practice - Beginning & Renewal Meditation

BEAKTHRU : The Pathway to Creativity and the Higher Mind

Meditation for Spiritual Unfoldment (5-Week Module)

Transcendence Workshop

From Self-Realization to Self-Actualization Workshop


If you wish to sponsor a workshop in your area,
please call  310-822-0048

All Seminars are individually tailored to the group or corporation. These seminars can be given in part or totality. There are modules that can
be used within the corporate setting for skill set enhancement,
team building and personal development.


Introduction To The Art and Science of Self Hypnosis.
Hypnosis and altered states are naturally occurring states of consciousness.

Use your creative unconscious to access your higher guidance, change behavior patterns ( smoking, weight loss, self sabotage), and learn
new skills. Learn how to use the metaphysical Law of Magnetic
Attraction positively. Changing our mind can change our life...Please
bring a cassette tape & recorder as you will be making a personalized
tape to use at home.


Your Breath is The Key To Relaxation

Meditation as a tool for healthy living.

Meditations for everyday living.

How to practice meditation so you can use it daily in your life and
live your life in the presence of now.

Meditation Workshop with Breath work

Learn to center self and align your body, mind and spirit

Learn the innate process of meditation and breath work.

Access your inner guidance for support in issues, of health
relationships, career and all important areas of your life.

Learn to create a safe, quiet calm state of mind to achieve
clarity for decision making.

Developing and using intuition in your life's
challenges and transitions.

What is channeling? Can you do it and How do you do it? Demystifying channeling and the science of intuition. Basic steps and tools that teach you how to align to your higher more expanded energy centers to align to receive information, heal, get direction and guidance. Identify your own energy system, another's energy system and 'the' energy system.

Modern Women; Modern Ritual.
What is ritual? What is sacred space and can you create that for yourself. How does ritual relate to the 'modern' women? How can you use ritual to enhance your personal development? How can ritual focus you and give you direction to achieve your goals and know your purpose. Shamanic ritual is learning and using the sacred art of the Inner world. We will create personal and collective ritual for the upcoming New Year.


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