Michele Meiché author of the book & companion CD “Meditation for Everyday Living”, Michele Meiche focuses on using spiritual principles and the practice of meditation to assist others to live a fulfilled life.

Michele Meiché is Psychic Medium, Channel and Spiritual Life Coach.
She also shares her gifts and life experience as an Author, Speaker, Meditation Teacher & Spiritualist. She is shamanically trained and initiated and a trained spiritualist, healer & metaphysician. She provides support exoterically and esoterically through Life Enhancement programs and coaching.

She is a Board Certified Clinical Hynotherapist and a member of the Transpersonal Psychologist Association. She an expert & commentator in the area of Spirituality and Empowerment for Conscious T.V. and Media.
Michele is a Fellow of the National Board for Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic Anesthesiology, F.B.H.A., and serves on the N.B.H.A. Advisory Board.

Michele focuses on useful tools for transformation, healing and empowerment for life enhancement. Her life enhancement coaching focuses on self - development and spiritual integration, meditation and breath work, transcendental healing and transpersonal psychology. Michele has been in the transpersonal and holistic health field for over 20 years and has been in private practice in Los Angeles for 11 years.

She has hosted talk shows both here in the United States and Europe, served as a transformation consultant, and life coach on various television programs. Michele Is also the host and producer of Awakenings Radio www.blogtalkradio.com/awakenings which is also available on Itunes

Michelé is a published author of transformational audio CDs and the book “Meditation for Everyday Living”. Her emphasis and focus is on using spiritual principles and the practice of meditation to live in the meditative state.Her passion and purpose is being of service by assisting others to connect to their soul’s purpose and express the fullness of their gifts, talents and true nature to live more radiantly, abundantly and fulfilled.

Michele Meiché Ph.D. Michele considers herself a Transformation Coach.
She is an NBHA Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a member of
the Transpersonal Psychologist Association. She has been in the transpersonal psychology and holistic health field for 22 years, and has
been in private practice for 11 years. As a keynote presenter for Trader's Oasis, Michele brings a broad, compassionate intelligence to the job of helping traders learn new risk-taking and stress management skills.

Michele Meiché's assistance during transitions is invaluable precisely
because she provides a road map of the transition process. She
integrates transpersonal therapy with transitional counseling to help
her clients navigate the terrain of transition and change, assisting in
that restructuring and reorganization process. She is adept at guiding
people to successfully manage stress as they adapt and change their
life strategies to become more powerfully centered, capable individuals.

Not surprisingly, Michele has an international and diverse client base, including many CEOs of Fortune 500 companies who have been
empowered by her skillful guidance as they make the transition from
pattern - driven choice making to a freer, healthier way of living. She
calls this road map of transition a kind of spiritual integration. As a
natural intuitive Michele does use this ability in some of her spiritual integration work. Michele incorporates Jungian psychology, spiritual healing/integration, and dream/symbolism therapy into her work as a transpersonal therapist and transition counselor. Specifically trained in bereavement counseling, transition and change is her specialty, even
on a spiritual/soul level. She adapts the model of bereavement counseling to the process of transition and change. Every change whether
considered positive or negative has within it an ending, neutral or gray
zone, and a new beginning. When an individual aligns to the cycle, and is able to process their experience they no longer need to struggle. One is
able to make a successful transition where they are able to recognize
and seize new opportunities. Or, perhaps create new opportunities that
are far more fulfilling, personally and financially.

Michele says: "We all have a blueprint from which our life is built. This blueprint is encoded within us, partially from our conditioning. We have
been conditioned through our environment and life experiences. This conditioning has created within us a conditioned response pattern. Our environment may change, but rarely does our conditioned response
pattern change. However, through self-knowledge, consciousness,
clearing work and repatterning, you can create a response pattern that
is healthier and allows for more success in all areas of your life. Be the architect in your own life, change your blueprint!"

Michele specializes in pattern assessment. "Everyone of us has a relating pattern that deems our success or failure in what we want to achieve.
This pattern can be altered or changed so we can attain the goals we
desire. In fact, desire is part of the winning combination. Self knowledge
is the key." Perhaps we cannot change what happens to us. We can, however, change our attitude about it. We can choose to create and
live a life - enhancing lifestyle. "If you are not living the life you love,
Why, and whose life are you living?" Michele Meiché asks her clients.