Michele Meiche

Michele Ct.H.A. Ph.D works in the capacity of a transpersonal therapist, transcendental healer and psychic medium. She is an open channel for channeled guidance. She has been in private practice for 13 years and formally studying for 23 years. Esoterically, She has been trained and initiated as a shaman & metaphysician. In part of her work she uses the modalities of dream therapy, archetypal imagery and animal medicine to reveal the inner landscape and direction for an individual.  She has been involved with television and educational programs that bring more awareness and understanding of the psychic and spiritual realm.  She is able to bridge the spiritual and the psychological assisting the individuals she works with to experience their spiritual nature more fully therefore co-creating a more fulfilling life.  She is a modern mystic  living multidimensionally; yet practically. Michele's passion and purpose is to assist in soul alignment and relay useful tools for an individuals spiritual and soul's integration,  expression and evolution.  


Together, we will determine what the messages of your soul in life are saying to you, and how to  understand and use these messages. These messages and their interpretation and guidance can be the keys to moving through the direction of your current life situation as well as creating new direction Through the use of the energy of  archetypal imagery, inner journeying and animal medicine you will further awaken and enhance the inner healer and inner guide within. We will be journeying through core clearing and shamanic wakeful dreaming Your soul has been speaking to you.  You will be able to listen, hear and understand as well as  integrate this mystical side into your everyday living in your modern life.

In the coming years the importance of Soul Alignment is going to be extremely important. The awareness of the soul and it's influence on a person's destiny is going to come to the forefront of main stream society....  Just as the body-mind connection has been acknowledged,  the  importance of nutrition,  physical care and emotional care. Our soul encompasses our spirit.   There is no true spiritual connection and integration without the soul. The soul and spirit are not religious in nature, though religion has  tried  to define these elements of life. And that is just it it is life. The time is now to live consciously and multidimensionally. Many are being drawn to their soul tribe and connecting with the souls that will help trigger their destiny. The DNA memory code and Energetic code is unfolding within each of us. We all need to connect with the links that allow us to remember who we are.

-Remember You Are Spirit-

Not since Atlantean times has such an unfolding and awakening taken place. You are a part of this. It is in getting clear, remembering, learning, teaching and being that your energetic matrix and the original blueprint is remembered and activated.

I am honored that you join me.

Any questions you can call  Michele @ 310-822-0048 or
email @
michele@selfinlight.com (put seminar in the subject line)

Blessings in peace, light and wonder