Hypnosis for Change & Life Enhancement

Analytical Hypnotherapy - An integration of the cognitive process,
archetypal - symbolic and hypno-therapeutic process to access
one’s inner landscape for transformation, stabilization
self - development, altering patterns of behavior and beliefs
and health and wellness.

Alter limiting patterns and beliefs

Alleviate "stuck states" and self sabotage

Release unhealthy state conditioned response patterns

Improve memory and other skills and performances

Performance Anxiety, Stage Fright, Public Speaking

Become a non- smoker - Stop Smoking program

Drug withdrawal and drug use diminishment and cessation program

Enhance learning skills and capabilities

Life Enhancement and Living your life fulfilled and authentically

Become unstuck, unfettered, free

Uncover, Recover ,Rediscover, Reclaim And Be Who You Truly Are


Health Healing, Wellness and the Use of Hypnotherapy

Medical Hypnosis

Pain Management

Stress Management

Relief and release of Anxiety Disorder

Body Image and weight management

Altering Dietary habits and eating patterns

Pre Op and Post Op ( Preparation for Surgery and Post Surgery)

Allergies Asthma Arthritis Chemotherapy Headaches Hypertension Auto-

Immune Deficiency Conditions

Aid & HIV Skin Disorders Cardiovascular Disorders

Gastro-Intestinal Conditions Cancer

The list and the uses are endless in using the empowering property of your higher mind and the innate natural self -healing ability. The uses are as personal and individual as each person. Connecting and mastering the use of this state (the altered or transpersonal state) is within your capabilities. I can show you how. I can teach you and guide you to the inner power of you. I am here to help you unite to the inner healer within you.

‘There are a few main ways we can get our minds and bodies to communicate with each other- through emotion, feeling and imagery. Emotions, feelings, and words let the body know what is expected of it and by vividly imaging and feeling the certain changes we are visualizing we can help the body bring them about." Both emotions and imagery are transmitted through the central nervous system. So a situation of impending doom may not be "real" - meaning actually happening it can register in the central nervous system as real. In fact by all accounts it is real to the body-mind as the body mind responds to protect the
organism - You.

A thought or a feeling may be a passing fancy; however if it is a stress producing, anxiety creating thought or feeling over time the body will become ennervated. (loss of internal energy, feeling depleted, nervous debility and imploding within).

Through the transcendent states of self-hypnosis, breath work and meditation you can connect with your inner healer and guide and use the positive life enhancing potential of your subtle energy and life force.

Hypnosis is an art, a science and an innate capability. It is a process and technique that can be easily learned. Like any other skill it takes a good teacher , commitment and practice.

Hypnotherapy is a form of complementary medicine that interfaces well with many other therapeutic modalities. It is different than most “talk” therapies that it is primarily dealing with the unconscious/subconscious of an individual. The aspect that created the ingrained behavior pattern that becomes habit, whether it is beneficial or not. An adage of hypnotherapy is that if the individual consciously knew what was really wrong they would change it. This follows the pleasure-pain principle.

There are many processes within hypnotherapy to address the needs of an individual: self-development, lifestyle enhancement, athletic performance, anxiety, pain and stress management, cessation of smoking, over eating, weight management -image enhancement, self esteem, creativity, learning a new skill, and other personal changes. The uses are as varied as the individual.

Hypnotherapy is a system of processes utilizing guided imagery and visualization to facilitate positive change. Hypnotherapy is a tool that uses a naturally occurring state, which everyone can and does access, called self-hypnosis. In fact all hypnosis is self -hypnosis. The person being guided in this state is a co- participant in creating this state, and can be educated and taught to create this state on their own. In fact the person has so much self control that they absolutely can not be made to do something that they would not entertain to do. Hynosis or hypnotherapy is not mind control or brainwashing. It is not an invasive tool. Hypnosis could be described as a state of awareness when the subconscious mind is dominant. This is a receptive, very aware state. It could be called a trance state, a heightened state of awareness, a transpersonal state, deep state of inner focus;or a state of meditation and or deep relaxation.

The main thing to remember is that it is a naturally occurring state to everyone. Each of us experiences a naturally occurring state of hypnosis at least 2 times a day. Once when we awake in the morning and once again at night before falling asleep. At this time we are in a more receptive and less guarded mode. We are more relaxed generally; and our analytical/critical mind is in the background. In this state our conscious mind could be said to be taking the backseat to our subconscious mind.

We are also in this state when we are driving a long distance and seem to be in a trance as we watch the road. When one is jogging or running and experiences "runners high" this is an altered state, a state of hypnosis. One is very relaxed, yet very alert and can accomplish what one set out to do- run that last mile with ease. Even television watchers after a few consecutive hours create their own state of hypnosis!

For Childbirth

Deep Relaxation And Natural Childbirth

Anxiety, tension and out of proportion fear are not natural body process.
They are the result of undue pressure and are often the root of many diseases, allergies and chronic pain.

We need to learn to alleviate our anxiety, tensions, and fears especially during pregnancy and childbirth.

Tension in itself can be the cause of pain.  An expample of this is the common headache which is caused by nervous tension.
Tension can also complicate the natural process of birth.

Since the body accommodates every natural process when it is functioning well, pain can be a sign of distress, malfunction, or the result of fear or panic. Pain is a signal that something is amiss.

In the process of childbirth there is a natural amount of discomfort, however extreme pain is not a necessary part of the birth process.

With the aid of a professional trained in childbirth hypnosis and deep relaxation you can easily learn the techniques to foster deep relaxation, self trust, trust in the birthing process and your birthing plan.

You can apply these techniques with confidence and ease at home, work, or at the hospital. Deep relaxation is highly recommended for  both mother and infant during pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Childbirth hypnosis can be done solitary or with a birthing partner. These processes and techniques integrate well with conventional medicine and enhance pregnancy and the birth experience. There is no contra indication with the physician, mid-wife or other health care practitioners.

Deep Relaxation childbirth techniques can help you with the following experiences:

Relief from morning sickness

Relief from low back pain and other discomforts due to body changes during pregnancy.

Relief of headaches and other pain that can not be treated with medications due to pregnancy.

Breathing techniques learned for labor and delivery can easily be remembered and used without anxiety.

Decrease or alleviate the need of pain medication during labor and delivery.

Alleviate and/or ameliorate stress and pain

Your partner can participate in a joyful, confident, calm and natural birthing experience.

An awareness and connected joyful experience of the pregnancy and birthing process.

A deeper connection and immediate bonding with your baby.

With relaxation come as feeling of healthy self -control, confidence, security, contentment, and well-being.

Feeling a sense of confidence in your birthing process.

Knowing healthy beneficial coping tools to assist you during pregnancy, the birthing process and delivery.

Being an active participant with your partner and or family, support system during this very special and miraculous time.

The capability to create a more fulfilling birthing experience.

I am here to assist and act as a guide to suggest and outline the course you wish to follow to enhance your birthing experience.You will be able to attain relaxation of body and mind as well as a deeper connection mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.