Gateway-Portals of light Forecast

Some people remark “what is all the fuss about? Or, “This is metaphysical or spiritual mumbo jumbo.” Even though they may not have conscious awareness of this global and universal awakening it is affecting them none the same. I have heeded the call to share what I have learned and what I know about this personal, collective, global, universal, energetic, multi-dimensional expansion and inclusion of evolution of consciousness.

I am putting links in places that I think there can be benefit in further understanding or in using and integrating tools that will help you with this amazing, yet at times challenging evolution of consciousness The awakening that is present now is individual as well as collective. It is a mass awakening that is creating a converging flow in preparation for the new forms and ways of living and being come 2012.

Yes, 2012 is the end of the world….The end of the world as we know it.

Many are living this understanding and reality now. Many have been doing the inner work and healing to assist in consciously ushering this collective up shifting into main stream consciousness and the forms that will reflect and reinforce the new paradigm. Sociologist and author Duane Elgin calls us “up shifters” He speaks of an emerging paradigm that we will be more reflective and connective in our living and relating Awakening Earth

I think it is important to remember and contemplate “Who is co-creating/facilitating and assisting in this new paradigm that is emerging?”

Us…. It is not going to magically happen- Poof and it is there.We are ushering this in and living this. This new paradigm will be the underpinning of our thinking, believing, relating and being. This new paradigm will be the “new norm” And, in many ways it is not new at all, but uncovered.

We as a culture, a society as a nation, as a world are waking up to the truth of who we are. The question is no longer “Who am I ?” This is old paradigm….. You are a divine spiritual being, an energy of light and sound, you are a vibrational being….You are an ember of the Divine Spark… You are an aspect of the Divine or Energetic Matrix. You are a part of the greater whole of the All That Is… The Life Force Animating Energy… In the Eastern tradition and understanding you are Chi, Qi, Life Force, Prana, Life Force Animating Energy. You are waking up to this….Now, the real question is What do you want to do with this? How do you want to express this?

This is a time of waking up. However waking up does have it’s challenges. How you awaken depends on how you slept the night before…. Right? So, many are in the twilight before the awakening or the early dawn; which means many are still asleep or shaking off the sleep.

Some are awakening with the hangover of too many “should's”; some with someone else’s expectations or beliefs. Many people are awakening with the memory of limiting patterns- conditioned response patterns and a manual to life that didn’t work or fell short in a big way…. This means they are waking up a bit grouchy or mad, irritated or annoyed at best. Some were promised “Work hard and you can get anything you want.” Some were promised and given at an early age instant gratification and now that is not working in the big world. And others will told to think small, just be glad for what you get and they are now being told to think big, dream, think and you can be…..They are told to “follow your dreams” and they can’t remember them, now. Your soul remembers your dreams. Your soul and soul alignment is key to this universal transition of humanity. Soul Alignment & Transcendental Healing
There is an encoding within your soul that is remembered in the higher more expanded consciousness of your mind.

This is also a time of the old paradigm and beliefs bumping or crashing into the new. For some this crash landing is confusing or painful; for others liberating; and for many something in between.There are tools for this transition to assist in navigating these choppy waters of change and learning to ride the wave of the energetic matrix flow. Transition & Change

A critical element that tends to block people from fully awakening and there true unlimited potential are emotional stuck states, limiting beliefs, thought patterns, thought forms and vows/decisions that people have made in times of crisis or during emotionally charged times. As we are up shifting and adjusting our vibrational frequency to a more “inclusive” and expanded frequency very often unresolved issues from the past come up.The old hurts, disappointments , needs and wants. The more that has not been handled the more emotional charge. Our emotions are after all energy in motion (e-motion) The upside to this is that healing the emotionally overcharged areas in our life or the “stuck states”; especially depression releases energy that we can harness and use pro-actively, creatively and in ways that tap into our unlimited potential. Alpha Theta healing, hypnotherapy and emotional clearing/re-patterning greatly assist in this process.You can use the basic clearing process
5 Step Emotional Clearing Process™ You can also use the 5 Step Emotional Clearing process or
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At this time you may notice you or others in your life are projecting their own thoughts, beliefs, feelings or ideas unto you. This can be difficult to discern….You might ask yourself “Am I really feeling this way?” Do I really believe or need this?” So many times people actually don’t hear what is truly being said. We all have filters that color our perception. This filters are base on our past experiences and up bringing. We can clean our clear the filters by taking back projections and moving into perception; then we can really listen, hear, acknowledge and understand what is being communicated to us Taking Back Projects and attaining a Clear Perception Interestingly enough when we begin to live this way; people really listen, hear, acknowledge and understand us. In some ways it is all and inside job. As we are giving ourselves what we need in life we receive the sam.When we overly project our inner state, unhealed emotional states or thoughts unto others we actually un-empower ourselves. We give the other person, the situation or relationship; whichever the case the power to make us “happy” or “sad”…. This makes something outside us source. Sure, we all have likes, dislikes and loves in our life; however what gives us true joy and inner peace is our own inner state and how we view what we experience in life. For me I go for joy as that is a divine quality and unchanging. The Buddha stated: A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes. It is so true that happiness is an inside job.

So, where are “we all going?” What are we all doing in this time of global transition and change?”
We are all becoming more real… More authentic. We are moving into a space in time where the veil is lifting, dissolving and we feel our oneness with all of creation. We are moving into a time of all people consciously using their 6th sense.

Metaphysically and spiritually we are in a major evolutionary process. This process is happening to us, by us and we are facilitating this process. We, the divine, expanded conscious aspect….. Not the ego-mind/personality us. This aspect or expression is being up shifted. Our personality self is being aligned to the soul to have a wider more expansive and conscious self expression to contribute to the whole of the All That Is.

In this evolutionary process we are being re-aligned, re-routed, re-wired if you will to handle the more intense light frequencies and manifestations of these frequencies. Some are seeing and feeling these downloads and frequency shifts numerically as 11:11, 12:12 or 111, depending on what you are moving through and integrating energetically. The alignment of the soul triggers the light body to be integrated more on this aspect/dimension of experience and so the personality is subsumed by this light…It is a “lightening up if you will” J The downloading we receiving is coming in the form or Gateways and Portals of light. These Gateways have been intensifying since the harmonic convergence of the mid and late 80’s. The pivotal change is that the Gateways are more frequent now and affecting us on a more mental, emotional and now physical level…..  More to come on this :) What is important to connect with and do is mediation and getting use to living more and more consistently in the “meditative state”
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What is being created is a world that is based on creativity, self -expression, love, light wisdom, tolerance & a greater sense of connectedness in the world. Now, many of us are living this and have been for awhile….But imagine this being lived in the main stream…. Imagine

Lot of love to you and infinite light