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Michele is a generous, insightful, gifted guide on the journey into one's self. She has taught me that peace of mind and an open heart is always available to me whenever I chose. Her instruction on breath and visualization is easy to follow and leaves one feeling centered, peaceful and aware.

Desiree Bartlett M.S. CPT, Yoga Instructor & Dir. of Gaiam Product

When I am confused, overwhelmed, or stressed out in 20 minutes, I feel centered, calm and refreshed.

Dana Zdanis Business Consultant

In a recent visit to my doctor for a physical,I registered higher than usual blood pressure. I asked for 3-4 minutes, during which I focused and meditated, using one of Michele’s meditation processes. Upon re-taking my blood pressure the second reading was normal. Michele’s integrated spirituality, intelligence and highly evolved creative talents are courageously put into action with her processes.

Barry Alexander Nelson BSc. Microbiology
Owner & President, UltraPure Water Quality, Inc.
Ontario, Canada

I used Michele’s guided meditation to manage a debilitating neurological disease I was diagnosed with. These meditations have been paramount to my full recovery to health. Michele continually lends me her optimism, strength, and wisdom to keep pushing forward to the light.

Kimberly Keys Insurance Consultant


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