Michele’s gift is in going beyond the conventional form of seminar lecturing and explanations. Her seminars are interactive with a balance of theory and practical application. Since she is a trained teacher as well as a therapist she is able to relay information in an easily assimilative manner. If you really want to know what meditation, self-hypnosis, transpersonal integration, or spiritual healing are and actually experience it, with Michele's seminars you have that option, or simply observe.

Michele was born with the natural gift of intuition. From the age of 4 she was aware of spirit guides and they were a constant source of companionship and guidance. At age 4 she had a near death experience, in which she had the choice to stay or leave this earth plane. At the age of 11 she had a visitation from the Virgin Mary. Mary appeared in the archway the kitchen. She remembers a clear golden light surrounded by the most beautiful blue light, and a peace that is very deep with a feeling of safety and gratitude. This vision of light and her image remained for three days. In the morning Michele told her mother what had happened and her mother looked at her with a blank stare and said "I know". Her mother felt it also, but could not explain it. To this response Michele asked "How come no one (meaning her family) is walking in that spot then? Everyone is walking around the spot, and they usually don't" Her mom looked, shook her head and said, "Yes. You're right". She has always felt the Christ energy and has had a profound feeling of protection even in the most tenuous of circumstances. This Christ energy for Michele. Is the white light of love, understanding, and compassion? This Christ energy is beyond religion and found in all religions. She knew this, even at this young age. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Ram, Krishna all reflections of the same light and from the same source. The source in which we all emanate from.

"I always felt this deep connection and wondered why others didn't". "And in some ways I feel more comfortable with this connection. For me it is the truth of who we are." "When I was much younger I assumed others did, however when I would meet with a blank stare I began to realize there were some things other people just did not see or feel". "I feel a constant presence with spirit, an alliance perhaps".

This alliance and psychic ability remained with her through adolescence and early adulthood, though not consistent until years later when she prayed for the gift to strengthen for her and to help others. Her awareness of being "Out of Body" is numerous and was a natural occurrence. She has always been in touch spiritually, seeing or feeling what many do not. This is part of what she teaches, is for others to open and access to this part of themselves to aid in transition, crisis, life changes, and stress reduction and to enhance life.

Michele has consciously been on a spiritual path since her teens. She has been an educator, facilitator and counselor in holistic health, spiritual healing, transpersonal therapy, image and self-development. Michele has an extensive television and media background. She has been a presenter and host of fashion, beauty and health shows. Michele was the host of the television show "Fashion & Beauty". She has developed talent for some of the leading talent agencies in the U.S. as well as consulted for an image development firm; coining the term and process of total image therapist. Her seminars have the reputation of developing "the inner as well as outer" part of the person. In 1987 Michele's world drastically changed. Her public life seemed to submerge. She had been modeling, acting, hosting a television show, studying and consulting. Her life was full and seemed to be on a high upward swing. Then all the activities, work, and career perks careened to a halt. It was if the bottom fell out financially and emotionally. This caused her to go even deeper within and ask why. This she would later find out was an initiation and one of her 'awakenings'. She heard the call and her life would never be the same or have the same meaning.

During this time she began being awakened at 3:00 am every morning at this time she was aware of the presence and would see a group of spiritual beings that revealed themselves as the council or hierarchy. At this time Michele would receive information in the form of sensing, feeling and as a voice. She would write the information down and later she would meet the person the information was for and relay it to them. She would receive information on earth changes, but mainly personal information that one would need for life direction and decisions. Sometimes the information was for friends, coworkers, and many times people that she had just met, or would meet once. When most people received the information the response was usually "I had been praying for an answer", "There is no way you could have known that", or "This has really been on my mind". Sometimes it was disconcerting to tell a complete stranger, or a person that she had met only once that she had some information that could help them. "Do they want to know"? She often thought.

About this time she had another death experience where she fully experience the "white light" and the sensation of being cradled and bathed in light. This was passed on to her from her mother who had just crossed over. It was the last wish and instruction from her mother on her deathbed. Since this her experience with the spiritual and other dimensional has been innumerable and she has assisted others in connecting with their spiritual side. This allows those that work with her in this capacity to have the enriching contact with the "other side", that she comments is always there. Most people are usually not open to it, distrust their intuition, or shut it down. Michele's mission is to help others access, connect and understand this deeper aspect of themselves and know this as the unchanging, truly beautiful part of themselves.

She was told she was assisting on soul alignment and transition. This work began by phone, until she "read" for a well-known astrologer in Laguna Beach, Michele was in Chicago, who emphatically stated, "you must charge for this, and this is how much". Word spread, and after being on a couple of television shows she was very much in demand on a referral basis. Her life began to build, and once again she was in the whirlwind of fulfillment. She auditioned for a position as a television talk show host, and was hired. She seemed to have the best of both worlds: Her very public TV, seminar life, her more inward healing and counseling life. Again another shift happened when she got the message from her guides to quit it all take a sabbatical in England for further study. She was instructed to leave all behind and venture forth, to trust, and follow the guidance of her spirit guides and inner guidance. She left her thriving practice, consulting and television show; much to the chagrin and disapproval from colleagues and friends. After leaving her talk show she later found out that it was going to be pulled for a few seasons and reworked. She would have been off the air anyway.

How could she have consciously known? She couldn't. She trusted the inner guidance of spirit. Spirit always provides and she was hired as a TV presenter and landed a few video projects as well as consulting work while studying in England. Michele received invaluable training and experience while on sabbatical in England. Michele did further training in holistic health counseling, transpersonal therapy, hypnotherapy, bereavement counseling and other related counseling and therapeutic modalities to round out her education to be better able to address her clients needs. Michele is able to integrate the use of her intuition with transitional counseling to be of greater assistance to those she works with.

Michele has a private practice based in southern California. She still conducts an extensive amount of seminars and speaking engagements. Michele has reintegrated her talent and expertise as a television host and interviewer into her career. She is an on-camera expert in her field and hosts shows that pertain to health, wellness; as well as the spiritual and psychological aspect of life. She is an advocate of conscious media and dedicated to television projects that tell story and relay useful information in a way that is compelling, heartfelt and progressive.

Michele is involved community outreach programs as well as enrichment programs for adults and youth. She volunteers her time to at risk youth facilities, libraries, rehabilitation centers, as well as schools. She loves working with children, having taught school at one point in her career. She has worked with preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, as well as high school youth. Michele's 'Meditation For Everyday Living’ and ' The Magic of Your Inner You' programs have been delivered to children from toddler age to those in their teens and early twenties. Michele uses her book Meditation for Everyday Living and Her Pamphlet The Magic of Your Inner You as a teaching tool. One of Michele's dreams is to get her cds, books and 'From Dreams to Reality' video project into schools, rehabilitation centers, juvenile detention centers and at risk youth facilities. She want to assist the youth that has been labeled "bad" so they can see that they are something more than their environment or up bringing. She would like to give these children a sense of hope and provide them with the tools that will allow them to see there is something more to life and that inside them is a precious being that deserves to live a fulfilling life.

Michele receives tremendous fulfillment from sharing her life experience, expertise, and teaching useful tools and life skills that promote wellness and enhance a person’s life.