Michele will share how through the use of core clearing, raising your vibrational frequency, metaphysical principles and the use of creating new thought forms you can meet your destiny and live your soul's purpose.

The Focus of this Weekend Retreat:

Share spiritual practices in a sacred space with each other.


A spiritual practice to gather & share wisdom and support with like-minded individuals. This helps one stay focused, lends support and gives you spiritual inspiration.

Practical Tools for Sacred Living

Learn the principles of sacred living

How to see the Divine in all you do & experience

Living with faith & receiving grace

The role of multidimensional emotional clearing & astral body clearing

Multidimensional self integration, shadow work, chakra alignment & attunement including upper/etheric chakras

Learn what blocks your spiritual integration and soul alignment

Learn what soul gifts/talent to integrate and your soul's purpose

An introduction to the path of the cross, initiation and spiritual discipleship

See why you are your own guru and what the age of Aquarius is opening up
for you

There will be a healing and channeled guidance session for participants (White Eagle Energy Light Healing & Chakra Alignment and Etheric Clearing).

In every one of us lies a healer and inner guide. I am simply here to align you to your own inner healer and inner guide.

For further information, contact:

Michele Meiché

Phone: 310-822-0048

Address: 520 Washington blvd. #246
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Email: michele@selfinlight.com